Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your cars priced so well?

We can achieve this as we own our own premises and carry a selection of our own stock. We source our vehicles from over 200 new and used as well as wholesale suppliers. We maintain low overheads which mean savings for you. Whilst we regard price as a major concern, we are equally committed to providing value for money to our clients. This is not always achieved by purchasing the cheapest car on the market.

Why Use Milton Vehicle Brokers?

As a licensed vehicle broker and car dealer Milton Vehicle Brokers has a wide range of vehicles, new and used to choose from, ensuring you get the vehicle you want. We do all the legwork and negotiate for you with wholesalers, dealers, warranty companies and organise finance to make sure you get the best deal possible. Your savings in money and time can be massive, and you have the added confidence of knowing you get the highest quality vehicle in the end. We have no affiliations with any dealership; therefore we offer INDEPENDENT and UNBIASED advice.

Where Do I Go From Here?

You’re already on the way to saving your time and hard-earned money on the purchase of your next vehicle. Simply decide on the make and model with your required specifications, and we’ll do the rest. We will consult with you about your budget, needs, wish list and narrow down some alternatives for the appropriate vehicle. All you have to do is contact us or fill out our enquiry form. We will start searching for the vehicle you require immediately.

Will I be able to test-drive my car?

We can easily make an appointment for you to test drive the car of your choice whenever it is convenient for you. However, if we locate the best deal out of your region be assured that all cars will be supplied with a Road Safety Certificate and can be delivered to your door.

Does Milton Vehicle Brokers accept trade-ins?

Yes. We do accept trade-ins and Milton Vehicle Brokers purchase your trade therefore we are able to offer better prices then a dealer. Selling your used-vehicle on your own to a private party can net you more money. However, many choose to avoid strange visitors to their home, and the time and hassle of selling a used vehicle.

Can you arrange finance?

Yes. Milton Vehicle Brokers has its own in-house Finance Company and in many cases can offer better rates then the banks, so you can be sure of getting the best deal.

Can I still get a warranty?

Yes. We can provide you with 1 or 3 years extended warranty on any car purchased. Contact us for a quote.

How Much Does It Cost?

Milton Vehicle Brokers provides a free service.

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